Rogério began his career in 1984, with the band Ecossistema, with which he actively participated in the São Paulo rock circuit, playing in iconic houses such as Madame Satã, Lira Paulistana and Heavy Metal and opening shows for Titãs, Capital Capital, Mercenarias, among others. In 1989, he became one of the Brazilian electronic music pioneers ,being cited in the legendary BIZZ magazine (in 1989) and, more recently, in the book "MEB - History of Brazilian Electronic Music" (Erick Marke - ed. Literatura). From the late 1990s this work was also broadcast on radio stations and websites in Europe, Canada, and the U.S.


In 1994 he explored the mix between the 70´s Brazilian "tacky" music and punk rock with the Paladinos do Amor and was also a pioneer of dub in Brazil with Dub Killa (1995). Also made soundtracks for radio stations and theatre plays.


He has played in several other bands and, since 2006, has also been devoted to the study of devotional chants of various traditions (especially Indian mantras), Yoga and Music Therapy, which greatly expanded the possibilities and scope of his work.


Between 2009 and 2016 he coordinated the band Sidarta, which released a CD in 2014 and to date has averaged over 2,000 monthly plays on streaming networks, still surprising listeners with its ethnic and sonic diversity.


Despite the long road the first solo CD ("Consequências") was released only in 2017, containing an overview of his archive of Brazilian music based compositions, wrote since the mid 80s. In 2019, after rescuing part of the early 2000s electronic Brazilian music production with the EP "Ilha", he moved on to an innovative proposal: music to be performed live in active meditation sessions and Yoga classes, with the album "Yoga Waves". In 2020 he continued to invest in electronics with "LoFi Chills", which has as a bonus the partnership with rapper Ice Dee in the "Nova Aurora" single.

In 2021 the partnerships continue, this time with the great Paulo Maymone and the nostalgic "Essa Canção". The most recent single, "Divina Mãe", is a new retake of the mixture of Brazilian roots (in this case, the "viola caipira") with electronic rhythms.


“O Mundo Gira e o Ex- Machina” (1995)

“Sons da Cidade” (compilation)  (1996)

“Rain Love”  (2001)

“Electropicalia”  (compilation) ( 2002)

“Sidarta” (2014)

“Mantras & Cantos Devocionais” (2014)

“Simplesmente Satsang  c/ Marco Schultz” (2014)

"Mantra Bossa´n´Soul" (2016)

"Influências"  (2016)

"Consequências"  (2017)

"Ilha"  (2019)

"Yoga Waves  (2019)

"LoFi Chills"  (2020)

"Mantra"  (2020)

"Nova Aurora" (single - 2020)

"Essa Canção" (single - 2021)

"Divina Mãe" (single 2021)

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